Friday, July 16, 2010

Nothing like the scent of fresh freebie in the morning.

Don't let anything get in my way!

Not the fact that I look ridiculous in my PJs, sweater and crocs, haven't showered, it's raining, my arms are burning, I don't have a truck, nothing will stand in my way.

Must. Have. Freebie.

It's a dishwasher. Mine broke this morning.  This one was on the street and only needs a new, easily replaceable hose.


  1. Is that on a hand truck, or are you pushing that down the street on pure joyful adrenaline?
    Nice Find!

  2. Sweet! Nothing like a good curb crawl!!!!

  3. there are 2 little wheels on the front... but it was quite the sight to see it going down our street....