Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank you bomobob!

Bomobob at etsy has been giving us some great photo tips in the forums.  I really appreciate it bomobob!

The two I most benefited from are:

Perfect Photos: It doesn't have to be fancy


Lightbox, shmightbox

Not that my pictures will ever be artsy like his gorgeous photos.  Take a look!

Field of Sunshine by bomobob

Yes Please by bomobob

Alright... here's my newest item with the new tips put to action:


  1. looks good! The beads just POP right out of the page.

  2. You've learned a lot from those tips! I'm just in awe of his photographs.

  3. Wow! Love the photos! And your new beads look great. Gotta go heart those babies! I'm trying to do some blog-reading catch-up, since I haven't been online a lot lately. Just yesterday I MADE myself sit and do some photo-editing. It's so time-consuming! I think I'll take a look at those tips you've mentioned too.
    Thanks for a great post!