Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brussels Sprouts are not a swear word

If they are fresh.  And you serve them with fryed (baked) chicken thighs.

so the key to these is to trim the hard stem and the outer leaves.... cut them in half and saute them.

But first prepare your chicken thighs by removing the skin and seasoning some  bread crumbs.

I used a milk dip (to make a good crust of crumbs) about 1 cup crumbs, and a lot of mrs. dash like seasoning except organic, salt, turmeric, cayenne .... that's about it.

and bake at 350, for about 25-35 min.  depending on the size of the chicken pieces.

In the meantime prepare your sprouts ... set the timer for 15 min before you throw your sprouts on to give the chicken a chance to cook by the time we are done with the sprouts.

then heat a pan with some oil... (I like grape seed oil)  and throw your sprouts in.

I used a sprinkle of  mustard seed, cayenne, salt, garlic and nutmeg.

and saute for about 10 min... depending on the heat, the higher the heat, the shorter the time, the crunchier the veggie.

Look at these beauties...

just delish!  and keep stirring the sprouts on low until the chicken is done (165-170 near the bone let it rest for 5 min)

and TaDa.... cheap and simple.


  1. okay... so that last picture makes them look almost tempting to eat... I'll have to try them once at your home... with the fried chicken too!

  2. I have NEVER tried a brussel sprout.
    But, I think... I'm gonna have to. :)

  3. the flavour is somewhat broccoli like.

  4. It does work nicely as a swear word, though :-) "Oh! for Brussel Sprouts sake!" "Brussel Sprouts!! I stubbed my toe!"