Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So taken with this Etsy shop

Well, shops, to be exact.

Yuki has a beautiful handiwork shop, frommyatelier,  and also a supply shop, barefootshepherdess.

Now you may be wondering why I am so taken with her work.  I will quote her policies between her beautiful photos and perhaps you will see why.  (pst, don't worry about her shop listings being in Japanese yen, etsy and paypal take care of all the exchanging you need)

Pincushion $14.90 USD

"Making use of local natural resources. Living with the seasons. Enjoying the colors nature has to offer. These are some of the reasons why natural dyeing has always held an appeal for me. And since I’ve started, I also love the way it’s made me more attentive to my natural surroundings. It’s amazing to see how much is available even in an urban environment, if you only pause to look."

Wood Palette, Set of 3 embroidery floss  $8.94

"Each roving and skein is carefully dyed individually or in small batches. Even with the same dyestuff, the color can vary according to the growing conditions of the plant and sometimes from plant to plant. In addition, my method of dyeing is mainly instinctual--I do what seems or looks ‘right’ at that time, so different batches of the same dyestuff can yield slightly different results. But for me, that’s what makes this fun--the small surprises and delights the variations can bring."

Pink Ranunculus Pincushion  $14.90

So whether you enjoy embroidery, quality handiwork, or just to browse I don't think you can go wrong with Yuki's shops.

Pick any 3 colours  $8.94