Monday, July 12, 2010

My least favourite part of this room

The big black garbage bag that sucks in and out of the ceiling when it's windy.

Here's the story...

The previous owners while fixing the roof stepped through the ceiling in 3 places.

Yes we could fix it but really the whole place needs a reno so...

We're just leaving it for now until we can redo the whole ceiling, replace drywall on the walls (water damage and mold) and repaint this room.

but in the mean time we hear the bag scrunching and crinkling in and out whenever it's windy.  Poor daughter, she had to live in here!  Poor Mom, she had to stay in here when she came over.


  1. Hope you don't have to empty that after a rain...

    We have a similar black bag over the window above our heads in the bedroom. It makes a sucky crinkly sound. erghh.

  2. no... don't have to empty it, Praise be!

    sucky sucky crinkly crinkle!


  3. OH goodness! what an annoyance, for sure.

  4. Haha, that reminds me of the people you see driving down the road who had to do that to one of their car windows. Now THAT would make a continuous loud crinkly noise! Enough to drive someone mad for sure! And your poor mom and daughter, I'm sure they loved you for making them stay in there. Lol!

  5. LOL! yeah, poor them... oh well they must love me to stay with me after that!

  6. ha!! oh no.

    but if you took it out.. instant chic skylight!